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RS Pro 16 Piece 1/4 inch Square Drive Metric Socket Set

RS Pro professional Chrome Vanadium Steel 1/4 inch socket set in square drive with a satin chrome finish. Supplied in an easy to carry storage case and ideal for keeping in the garage, workshop or even the car. This set includes 12 metric sockets ranging in sizes from 4 mm to 13 mm. The set can be used for most tasks especially building or repairing various objects including automobile repairs.
Sockets are usually purchased as a set as only one turning tool and a set of sockets is needed which can do the job of many different spanners. Socket sets also take less space than a set of spanners and are used in various areas such as garages, in the home, engineering and metal work. When choosing what socket set to purchase always have an idea on what type of ratchet or wrench you need as using the wrong size will damage the fastening, making it harder to move.

Features and Benefits:
Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium for excellent strength and corrosion resistance
Ergonomically designed soft comfortable handles for reduced fatigue and a tighter grip
Fitted case reduces lost parts and quick identification of missing parts
Sturdy case for clear and easy storage and protection
Ratchet with quick release with red/black double injection grip
75 mm extension bar for hard to reach areas, the extension gives a longer reach

Typical Applications:
This socket set is typically used by professional tradesmen, mechanics or those wishing to complete DIY. Socket sets can be used in many situations and professions where a socket is integral to carrying out a specific task revolving around loosening or tightening.
• Maintenance
• Construction
• Home DIY
• Mechanics/Car garages

What do you get?
12 Chrome Vanadium Steel sockets: Metric sizes 4, 4.5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 mm
Ratchet handle
75 mm extension and universal joint
Spinner Handle with inch drive recess
Supplied in a moulded storage case

Why choose this set?
With its range of metric sized sockets and accessories, this kit is a compact and reliable asset to any tool kit either professional or DIY. The ratchet handle lets you can work comfortably whether it’s tightening, loosening or just adjusting anything at home or on a jobsite.

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