Tööriistakomplekt Wiha Micro bit, 65 osa
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Tootekood: WIHA7000SK65ESD
Ribakood: 4010995399719
Tootja: WIHA Werkzeuge GmbH
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A careful touch is required for high-precision work to ensure small screwed connections are not damaged in model-making, electronics or precision mechanics. The ESD MicroBit set provides the perfect basic equipment for these areas of use. The comprehensive bit set covers all standard small profile sizes which are needed for delicate and precision screw fastening tasks. The bits in the set are safely stored neatly away in a robust, clearly organised box. The ESD precision screw handle is manufactured in line with the IEC 61340-5-1 international standard and thus guarantees maximum protection for electronic components. With a surface resistance between 106 and 109 ohm, it safely channels electrostatic energy away in a controlled fashion. The set also contains a bit ratchet, which allows powerful screw fastening. Thanks to a switching angle of just 5°, the ratchet is also suitable for use in confined spaces.


Ideal for electronics, remote control models, precision mechanics.

Almost all common small screwdriver sizes included.

ESD Precision Handle for low torque applications or work on static sensitive electronic components.

Bit ratchet for powerful fastening. Thanks to a switching angle of just 5°, also suitable for use in very confined spaces.

For all micro-fastening purposes in precision mechanics, model-making and the electronics sector. Suitable for working on components susceptible to electrostatic discharge

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