Momendipiiraja easyTorque electric 2,0 Nm
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Tootekood: WIHA29701200
Ribakood: 4010995413422
Tootja: WIHA Werkzeuge GmbH
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For slimBits and slimVario® holder in blister

Controlled fastening with all slimVario® products.



The easyTorque adapter provides controlled screw tightening combined with safe work practices for electric applications. This torque adapter guarantees process-safe use, thus safeguarding against material damage and eliminating the need for refinishing. Compatible with all slimVario products, the insulated easyTorque adapter also ensures a secure hold for 75 mm slimBits. The handy adapter thus transforms the slimVario screwdriver with bit holder, the slimVario Stubby electric and the LiftUp electric screwdriver with bit magazine into a torque tool in next to no time. A click signal can be heard and the yellow ring and red adapter seen rotating in opposite directions when the torque is reached. With a release accuracy of +/- 10%, the torque tool complies with EN ISO 6789 requirements. The easyTorque adapter undergoes an individual piece test as per the international IEC 60900 standard, allowing users to work safely on live parts up to 1,000 V AC.


Manufactured acc. to IEC 60900.




For controlled fastening for live parts up to 1,000 V AC, such as circuit breakers.


Bit holders or blades are not included in delivery.

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