Voltmeeter TREK520-1 +-2kV DC feedback meter without Analog Output Monitor
Part nr: 9265099
Tootekood: ITE001195
Tootja: Iteco Trading S.r.l.
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Saadavus: Tellimisel
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New type of hand-held electrostatic voltmeter converts accurate contactless measurement of electrostatic charge povrchvého for ESD applications, such as the ionized as well as in non-ionized environments.

- Without the need to keep the fixed distance
- Controls the cumulation of a charge on a small area
- Triggerred regulated supply for precised measurement in ionized enviroment
- Included 9V alkaline battery ( for 8 hours of work )

9265.099 TREK 520-1 Electrostatic voltmeter 0 up to ± 2 kV DC
Resolution : 1V
Precision : better than 5% of full range, distance of a probe 5 up to 25 mm

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