ESD tester koos seisu alusega
Part nr: 9264.952
Tootekood: ITE9264952
Tootja: Iteco Trading S.r.l.
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Kaal: 0.25 kg
Saadavus: Tellimisel
Mahub pakiautomaati: Jah
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Test station includes: WRISTLAB, conductive stainless steel plate on its feet and yellow panel + support. Certificate ISO9000.
SK - slovak, EN - english, DE - german, HU - Hungary

Personnel tester WRISTLAB II is necessary for the control of the codition of wristlets, grounding cord and contact of the wristlet with skin. When adding a plate on feet you can test even ESD footwear and ESD heel grounders with this tester

The test station includes a WRISTLAB II tester, plate for the feet and a yellow instructional PVC panel. There is a tester attached to the panel and a simple operating process in Slovak language - it is possible to supply Instructional PVC panel in English language as well ( even separately )

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