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Part nr: CG304
Tootekood: EXTECH_CG304
Ribakood: 793950153048
Tootja: Extech
Ühik: tk
Müügipakend: 1
Kaal: 0.18 kg
Saadavus: Tellimisel
Mahub pakiautomaati: Jah
Hind ilma km: 300.00€
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Measures the thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates

The CG304 Coating Thickness Tester offers a non-destructive way of measuring the thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates with automatic recognition of the material being measured. Memory stores 2500 readings. The unique Bluetooth interface feature wirelessly transmits data to your PC for further analysis and enables you to generate a documented report. Special LCD with backlight feature and contrast for easy viewing in various lighting conditions. Complete with two AAA batteries, software, hard case, Steel and Aluminum substrates and standard films for calibration.

Specifications Ferrous Probe Non-Ferrous Probe
Working Principle Magnetic Induction Eddy Current
Measuring Range 0 to 2000µm; 0 to 78.7mils 0 to 2000µm; 0 to 78.7mils
Accuracy ±(2%+2µm); ±3.5% (1000 to 2000µm) ±(2%+2µm); ±3.5% (1000 to 2000µm)
Resolution 0.1µm (0.01mils) 0.1µm (0.01mils)
Minimum Curvature Radius 1.5mm (59.06mils) 3mm (118.1mils)
Minimum Diameter 7mm (275.6mils) 5mm (196.9mils)
Minimum Thickness 0.5mm (19.69mils) 0.3mm (11.81mils)
Dimensions /Weight 4.7x2.4x1.25" (120x62x32mm)/6.17oz (175g)
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