Dino Metal stand, vertical position Dino-Lite STAND
Part nr: MS35B
Tootekood: DL_MS35B
Tootja: DINO-LITE (AnMo Electronics Corp)
Ühik: tk
Müügipakend: 1
Kaal: 1.10 kg
Saadavus: Tellimisel
Mahub pakiautomaati: Jah
Hind ilma km: 99.00€
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Square metal base with column and support providing several adaptable heights. The MS35B is a stable vertical desktop stand that was designed to be used with the Dino-Lite digital microscopes.

It provides 360 degrees of horizontal axis rotational perspective and as much as 20 cm of vertical working distance from the object. The Dino-Lite holder is mounted onto a ball and socket jointed post, which allows for a maximum of 45 degrees of adjustable lateral viewing angles. The ball and socket jointed post is mounted onto a dove tail slider for additional focus and magnification support. The slider can be positioned on any point of the pole for the various focal distances of the Dino-Lite digital microscope. The precision components of this stand provide smooth adjustment and positioning in a well balanced and stable ergonomic design. The MS35B is manufactured from a combination of resilient stainless steel and lightweight recycled aluminum. The MS35B is very portable yet stable stand solution.

  • Details

  • Accessory range:
    Professional stands
  • ESD-Safe:
  • Dimensions:
    12.5cm (W) x 20.5cm (L) x 30.5cm (H)
  • Weight:
    1.1 kg
  • Compatible with:
    All Dino-Lite models
  • Package contents:
    Stand, HD-P1 holder
  • Warranty:
    1 year European warranty
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