Kuuskantvõtmete komplekt PocketStar 7-osaline
Part nr: 23040
Tootekood: WIHA351-PG7
Ribakood: 4010995230401
Tootja: WIHA Werkzeuge GmbH
Ühik: kompl
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Saadavus: Laos
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No more trapped fingers. The PocketStar L-key set impresses thanks to optimal handling and functional benefit, embodied in a large number of practical features. The seven L-keys are stored in a handy, space-saving folding holder. An ingenious opening button allows the user to easily select the required key size. You can freely choose from many different work positions between 90° and 270°, depending on the screw fastening task at hand. In the 180° position, the tool is transformed into a screwdriver, for example. When the key is positioned on the 270° shoulder stop, the folding holder become a tool with a practical lever arm for high torques. It is also a clever solution for situations where users require just one single key to move in the work position since PocketStar stops the other keys from swinging back and getting in the way.


Chrome-vanadium steel, through hardened, electro-plated.


Ergonomic, reinforced fibreglass housing, 120 mm long.


Suitable for portable use and workshop tasks. The folding holder can also be used to insert hex screws into or lift them out of holes at hard-to-access points.

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