DVI-D kaabel 20.0m, Fibre Optic Hybrid, 1920X1200@60Hz, oranz
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  • Fibre optic design overcomes the distance limitations of sending digital DVI signals over copper wires
  • Built-in connector design allows direct connection to source and display
  • Extends digital display signals with absolutely no degradation
  • Ideal for home cinema, medical, factory automation, public display installations etc.
  • Available in lengths up to 150m
  • 2 year warranty

Our Fibre Optic Hybrid DVI-D cables are the perfect solution for easily extending DVI digital signals over incredible distances.


Fibre-optic technology allows transmission distances that far exceed the maximum supported by standard copper only cables.


These cables feature H-PCF (Hard-Polymer Clad Fibre) glass fibres for sending digital display signals.


The Transmitter and Receiver modules are each equipped with standard DVI-D Male connectors for connecting to the source (e.g. DVI graphics card) and the display.


The modules are connected together by a fibre and copper solution. 


Note: This product will work with most graphic cards & displays on the market but certain models do not output power through the DVI port.


For source devices and displays that don't output power through their DVI port, please use the Multi Country PSU's included.


Package contents:

DVI-D Hybrid Fibre Cable

2 x Multi Country PSU - 5V, 1.2A


LINDY Manual

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