USB-C - DisplayPort kaabel 1.0m, must, 4K@60Hz
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USB-C - DisplayPort adapterkaabel

Transfer data from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets faster than ever before. Transmit films, photos, and games directly from smartphone to HDTV to a Beamer or HD-television.USB-C enables a transfer speed of up to 10 gigabits per second.It is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, making it ideal for HD videos or photos. USB Type C is compatible with DP and transmits 4K content in billions of colours with crystal clear sound.

  • suitable for numerous mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets
  • pure copper conductor and 3-way shielding for clear signal quality
  • supports maximum SuperSpeed data transmissions up to 10 Gbps 4K@60 Hz
  • 24 carat gold-plated contacts for minimum transmission resistance


  • Connection, contact material gold (24 kt)
  • Connection, housing material PVC
  • Connection, shielding yes

Connection, type 

  • Connection, length 12 mm
  • Connection, width 30.5 mm

Connection 2, type

  • Connection 2, length 20.5 mm
  • Connection 2, width 53 mm
  • Connection 2, height 10 mm


  • Cable length 1 m
  • inner conductor, core diameter 0.08

Cable type

  • Cable sheath diameter (approx.) 4.8 mm

Inner conductor material 

  • Inner conductor cross-section 0.08 mm²
  • Inner Conductor number 7 pieces
  • AWG 32
  • Number of shieldings 3 x
  • Type 2, shielding

Material cable sheath 

  • Ferrite core no
  • Kink protection both sides
  • LSZH compliant no

Signal transmission

  • Signal amplification no
  • max. transmission rate 10 Gbit/s


  • Packaging type Retail Box
  • Consumption Unit 1 pc. in cardboard box

Special feature

  • Operating temperature from -10 °C
  • Operating temperature up to 80 °C
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