Displayport - Mini Displayport kaabel 5.0m, kullatud, OFC, topeltvarjega, 2160p, tumesinine
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Mini-DisplayPort adapter cable

5.0 m audio/video-DisplayPort/DisplayPort adapter
Enjoy films or videos in HD and 3D - with billions of colours, soft image transitions and crystal clear sound.Its pure materials, precise workmanship, and modern technology enable this DisplayPortcable to link external monitors and projectors to a Notebook, Mac or PC. Mechanical locking of the plug prevents loose connections. Therefore, you can be sure that you get each picture and each sound exactly as it was meant to be.
  • suitable for Apple MacBook/Pro/Air and other mobile devices from many other manufacturers.
  • mechanical locking of the DisplayPort plug prevents loose connections
  • pure copper conductorand 2-way shielding for clear signal quality
  • data transmission at up to10.8 Gbit/s for 3D and HDTV up to 4K (2160p)
  • 24 carat gold-plated contacts for minimum transmission resistance
  • two-way signal direction miniDP DP
Plug material:   triple-coated PVC / ABS
Port 1, type:   Mini DisplayPort plug
Port 2, type:   DisplayPort plug
Type:   Round cable
Length (m):   5,0
Inner conductor material:   OFC (Oxygen free copper)
AWG:   32
Number of shieldings:   2 x
Type of 1st shielding   Aluminium foil
Type of 2nd shielding   Copper braid 64 wires
Outer sheath diameter (mm):   5,0
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