Tööstuslik seadmekapp IP54 42U 2086x600x800 k,l,s, metalluks, sokkel, üks külgsein, hall
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Part nr: 110A2711
Tootekood: BKT110A2711
Tootja: BKT Elektronik
Ühik: tk
Müügipakend: 1
Garantii: 24 kuud
Kaal: 120.00 kg
Saadavus: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg 15 - 20
Mahub pakiautomaati: Jah
Hind ilma km: 1311.00€
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  • For indoor installation
  • Protection of mounted active and passive devices against unauthorized access
  • Protection of mounted devices against adverse ambient factors (dust, oil, etc.)



  • RoHS – Restriction of dangerous substances penetrating to the environment from electrical and electronic equipment waste
  • EN ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management
  • EN ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental management
  • PN-EN 60529 – Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code)



  • Two sets of 19” 42U mounting profiles
  • Removable sectional floor with a foam-sealed cable penetration
  • Three point closing system
  • Handles with inserts, code 1333
  • One side wall included (second wall: optional accessory)
  • 100mm tall pedestal with knock-out cable penetration blanks
  • Max. static load : 1500kg
  • The door can be mounted right and left
  • The ability to connect cabinets in series after the use of dedicated mounting elements
  • Roof with blanc for a foam-sealed cable penetration and lifting lug installation
  • Door opening angle: ca. 270°
  • All parts electrically bonded



  • Galvanised steel sheet
  • Steel section frame
  • Metal sheet front/back door
  • Two component polyurethane gasket (hot melt foamed-in-place)
  • RAL7035 colour
  • IP54 protection degree
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