Seadmekapp 22U 1095x600x800 k,l,s, klaasuks, kandevõime kuni 600kg, hall, SRS
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Part nr: SRS2260802611.1
Tootekood: BKT11014681
Tootja: BKT Elektronik
Ühik: tk
Müügipakend: 1
Kaal: 62.00 kg
Saadavus: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg 15 - 20
Mahub pakiautomaati: Ei
Hind ilma km: 491.00€
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Included in delivery:

  • brush strip
  • set of M6 assembly bolts (16 pcs)
  • set of floor-leveller feet
  • 1,5 m edge sealing
  • 2 pairs of 19’’ mounting sections 
Basic version ensures optimum installation and configuration. Welded structure ensures safety of use even at maximum load. Used primarily as a network cabinet/distributionpoint.  
  • Sheet steel housing with welded frame, completely pre-assembled, self ventilated,
  • Surface finish: powder painted in RAL 7035 - light grey (other colors on request),
  • Protection IP20 in accordance with PN 92/E-08106/EN 60529/IEC 529. (does not apply to brush cable entries),
  • Indoor use, .
  • Cabinets can be arranged in line using line-up bolts after removing side walls (Part No.11190130)
  • Cabinet frame fully welded - 1,5 mm thick sheet steel on 4 x leveling feet M10.
  • Front door: window made of safety glass (optionally: full steel, full glass, punched perforated plate), opening angle 180 degrees. Left or right door opening options,
  • Cabinet rear panel - 1 mm. thick sheet steel, removable with two single point locks (Optionally: full steel or perforated, left or right side mounted door),
  • Cabinet side panels - 1 mm thick sheet steel, removable with two single point locks,
  • Two pairs of the profile rails (AL-Zn coated) each arranged at the front and rear on the inside. Each profile with unit labeling,

Maximum spacing between front and rear profile rails:

- cabinet depth 600 mm - max 472 mm

- cabinet depth 800 mm - max 672 mm

- cabinet depth 900 mm - max 772 mm

- cabinet depth 1000 mm - max 872 mm

  • Possibility to increase maximum weight of equipment mounted in the cabinet SRS by using cabinet max load strengthen kit,
  • Cables let in entry optionally either from roof or base, either, through top or bottom of the rear side of cabinet, pre-punched opening (Dimensions: 450 x 90 mm),
  • In the roof and base of cabinet 2 x 4U blind plates (pre - punched opening) for fan units (possible configurations 1 or 2 x 2 fan units, 1 x 4 fan units, 1 x 6 fan units),



  • plinth standard or with tilt protection
  • cabinet wheel kit - 11190143 (maximum load capacity 150 kg.)
  • heavy duty castor set - (maximum load capacity 500 kg.) for cabinets 600 width - 11190160, and for 800 width - 11190180
  • optional 19" swing frame 90° opening
  • plinths, shelves, fan units, light units, power distribution units, blanking covers, cable management accessories etc.
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