Paneel RJ45 DIN-railile 6-port Cat6a pesadega
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Part nr: J02021A0055
Tootekood: TLGJ02021A0055
Tootja: Telegartner Group
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Kaal: 0.10 kg
Saadavus: Tellimisel
Mahub pakiautomaati: Jah
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  • 360 degrees shielding of MPD-HS can be connected directly on the PCB on a large contact spot using a screw clamp without need of twisting the braid
  • shielding cover made of stainless steel
  • cables are terminated via IDC (LSA Plus) terminals with colour coding acc. to EIA/TIA 568A and B
  • limit of 13 mm max. of untwisted length of wires can be easily achieved without restricting an easy installation
  • Cat.6A- & Cat.6A types with overbending protection: suitable for 6- (RJ11/12) and 8-pin connectors (RJ45); can be used in the modular jack without additional installation kits.
  • 19" rack-mount design size 3 HU/7 PU with 6xRJ45 and 3 HU/10 PU with 12xRJ45 available, front plate anodized aluminium
  • housing made of thermoplastic, halogene-free, with non-slip bumpers
  • enclosed cable ties for strain relief of the cables without need of screws and special tools
  • printed circuit board is mounted horizontally in the housing, shielded versions are provided inside with a metal shielding cover; in addition, a bonding cable can be connected to the PCB (with screw M4)
  • Mini distributor MPD6, MPD8 MPD12 with 6, 8 or 12 RJ 45 jacks assembled on one common PCB
  • Mini distributors MPD8 AMJ/UMJ and MPD12 AMJ/UMJ for 8 resp. 12 AMJ-S/AMJ/UMJ modules or couplers
  • no special tooling required for mounting of cover (shielded type)
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