USB laadija, 4xUSB pesa, 100 - 240V > 5V 5A 25W (UK, Europe, USA, Australia)
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  • Charges and powers your USB devices
  • Features 4 x USB Type A sockets for connecting USB devices
  • Perfect for use with iPods, iPads, iPhones, MP3 Players, PDAs, mobile phones etc.
  • Output per port: 2.5A / 12.5W (max)
  • Total output over 4 ports: 5A / 25W (max)
  • Over current, over voltage and short circuit protection
  • Includes adapters for use in UK, Europe, USA and Australia
  • 2 year warranty


This handy 4 Port USB 5 Amp Travel Adapter is the ideal travel companion. It allows you to easily charge up to four USB devices while travelling the world. Suitable for use with most USB powered devices including tablets, MP3 players, mobile phones etc this versatile device means you can replace your collection of travel adapters with just one handy unit.

You can charge up to 4 devices with a maximum of 5A output at one time. When four devices are connected that require more than 1A, the first device connected will take the maximum output it needs then the next and so on.

Please note: Some intelligent USB devices may not permit charging from an external power supply. In some circumstances they will only function correctly with the manufacturers original charger. Please check your user manual for further information regarding charging.

Package Contents:

  • 4 Port USB Mains Charger
  • Multi Country plugs for use in the UK , Europe, USA and Australia
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