USB laadimisalus 10-le nutiseadmele, 5V 2.4A pordi kohta
Part nr: 73309
Tootekood: LIN73309
Ribakood: 4002888733090
Tootja: LINDY
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Garantii: 24 kuud
Kaal: 1.50 kg
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  • 10 x USB Type A Ports with up to 2.4A charging per port
  • 11 Adjustable separators allows different widths for different tablet/mobile phone sizes
  • Smart charging function adjusts the charge current
  • Protects against overvoltage, overloading and short circuits
  • 2 Year Warranty

The LINDY 10 port USB charging Station allows you to charge up to 10 tablets, phones or other mobile devices at the same time. Each port can provide up to 5V 2.4A to satisfy the most hungry power devices. 

With the intelligent hibernation technology, supply power automatically will be placed in sleep mode to save power. Supports BC1.2 Charging Protocol as well as Apple Charging Protocol and can also recognise charging devices intelligently and automatically adjusting charging power to sustain battery life as well as satisfying the charging needs of various devices simultaneously.

Plastic dividers can be assembled and stood on the top of the unit, this allows different widths for different tablet/mobile phone sizes. This product is perfect for use in schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants or any location that uses multiple tablets on a daily basis.

Package Contents

  • USB charging station
  • 11 plastic separators
  • 12V 8A PSU with 4 country specific power cables for EU/US/UK and AUS
  • LINDY User Manual
  • Battery Charging Standard 1.2 Compliant
  • 12V 8A PSU with 4 country specific power cables for EU/US/UK/AUS
  • 5V 2.4A per port with 20A max overall
  • Interfaces: 10 x USB Type A
  • Power LED
  • Dimensions: 23.8x13.3x6.5cm  WxDxH
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