USB 3.0 Y-kaabel A (M) - 2 x A (M), 0.6m
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This USB 3.0 Y-cable by Delock enables you to connect a USB 3.0 device, e.g. an external 2.5″ HDD enclosure, hub or card reader, to your notebook or PC. The red USB plug provides additional power, an external power supply is not needed even when using devices with a high power consumption. The high cable gauges of the power and data lines ensure a safe connection between your device and the system.

• Connector:
  USB 3.0 type A male (data & power) + USB type A male (power) >
  USB 3.0 type A male
• Cable gauge:
  28 AWG data line
  24 AWG power line
• Cable OD:
  ca. 5.5 mm USB 3.0
  ca. 2.8 mm power
• Data transfer rate up to:
  SuperSpeed 5 Gb/s,
  Hi-Speed 480 Mb/s,
  Full-Speed 12 Mb/s,
  Low-Speed 1.5 Mb/s
• Length incl. connector:
  ca. 60 cm USB 3.0
  ca. 20 cm power

System requirements
• PC or notebook with two free USB ports

Package content
• USB 3.0 cable

• Poly bag                                

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