USB kaabel Motorola V3, Nokia, HTC
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Tootja: GOOBAY - Wentronic GmbH
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For devices with mini USB connector like:
Nokia: 5200, 5300, 5700, 6121, 6290, 6300, 7390, E90, N76, N800, N91, N95, N-GAGE
Motorola: A835, C330, C336, C350, C385, C450, C550, C650, V150, V180, V220, V360, Razor V3,
PEBL U6, V3x
T-mobile: MDA compact, MDA compact II, MDA compact III
O2: XDA Neo, XDA Orbit
Vodafone: VPA compact, VPA compact S, VPA compact GPS

Replacement for original item:
Nokia: DKE-2
Motorola: SKN6371C
HTC: DC-U100

To charge the device by the USB Port at the computer or by 12V/230V by the voltage adaptors (TRA KIT...).
For the datatransfer with the original Nokia software!
- to edit the telephonebook
- to send or save SMS/MMS
- to transfer pictures,ringtones, videos,MP3 files
- outlook synchronisation
- to install games and programmes
- to read out the security code
- to connect the internet via modem
- to update the Firmware or Software

No driver CD necessary. Driver will be loaded with
the original Software.

including in delivery:
- datacable

Datacable for the connection at the PC USB-port. The Datacable enable a datatransfer (calendar,
telephonebook, target etc.) between PC and mobilephone.

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