USB 2.0 kaabel A - Mini B 90 kraadise nurgaga vasakule 1.0m, must
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Tootja: DELOCK
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This USB 2.0 cable by Delock stands out due to its angled USB mini-B connector and is suitable for mobile devices e.g. HDD enclosure, digital cameras, mobile phones, navigation systems etc. The angled connector provides a stable hold inside the mini USB female port and can be used especially for ports which are difficult to access. The higher cable gauge for power line and the twisted data lines ensures a safe connection between your devices and computer.
• Suitable e.g. for digital camera, mobile HDD etc.
• Connection: USB 2.0–A male
                         USB mini-B 5pin male angled
• AWG 28 data line / AWG 24 power line
• Nickel-plated
• Cable length: ca. 1m   
System requirement
• A free USB-A and USB mini port
Package content
• USB cable


• Delock Poly bag
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