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The CATX Displayport Computer Access Modules are highly compact devices that allow you to extend your DisplayPort equipped computer over CATX cable up to 300 meters. TheCAM connects to the DisplayPort video connector plus USB and Audio ports on your computer and then connects via CAT 5, 5e or 6 cabling to the AdderView CATx KVM switches and/or Adder extender receivers (either AdderLink X100 or X200), each of which can be located up to 300 meters from the module. Your video display, keyboard, mice and speakers arethen all linked to the remote device.


Product Codes


Resolutions and cable lengths

The maximum resolutions achievable are:
1920 x 1200 x 60Hz at 200m
1280 x 1024 x 60Hz at 300m.


The CATX DisplayPort CAM uses the USB port to derive its power from the host computer, dispensing with the need for a separate power supply and thus simplifying installation. Therefore the USB cable must always be connected to a USB port on the computer that is capable of providing up to 500mA. Power is not taken from the DisplayPort connector

Mini DisplayPort version available

Some computers, servers and graphics cards (Apple Mac Pro and ATI Radion graphics cards) come with mini DisplayPort connectors as these are smaller than the standard connector. A version of the CAM is available with Mini DisplayPort connectors.

EDID display information

The module will check during power up the EDID information available from the KVM switch or extender that is connected to the monitor and passes this back to the computer.


The CAM supports low speed (1Mb/s) HID USB devices only.


2 channel CD Quality audio is supported via a 3.5mm jack plug. Audio is not available through the display port connector.

Maximum Video Resolution

1920 x 1200

Extension Distance

1920 x 1200 x 60Hz at 200m
1280 x 1024 x 60Hz at 300m.

O/S Compatability

Operating system independent


Display Port version:
1 x Display Port;
1 x USB- Type A plug;
1 x 3.5 mm jack plug and 1 x RJ45.

Mini Display port Version:
1 x Mini Display Port;
1 x USB- Type A plug;
1 x 3.5 mm jack plug and 1 x RJ45

Physical design

Local: Hi Impact resistance ABS, 45mm /1.75’’ (w) x 75mm / 3’’(d) x 25mm / 1’’ (h) with 300mm/12’’ flying leads Weight 100g / 0.2 lb


USB powered device Max 500mA @ 5V

Operating temperature

0ºC to 40º / 32ºF to 104ºF



Order Codes

CATX-DP-USBA: DisplayPort CAM with USB and Audio
CATX-MDP-USBA: Mini DisplayPort CAM with USB and Audio

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