Montaažijuhe 2,1mm², punane AWG14 PVC -20…105°C UL1015 30,5m
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3079 RD005
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Alpha Wire 600 V PVC Hook Up Wire


When every application is critical and wire failure is not an option, choose Alpha Wire PVC hook up wire as your solution. PVC hook up wire benefits from good abrasion resistance and excellent fire resistance. This 600 V PVC hook up wire can be used in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +105°C depending on the application.


Features and Benefits


Stranded or solid tinned copper conductors protecting the wires from corrosion and increasing efficiency in hot and humid environments

Colour-coded insulation for easy circuit identification

Easy to handle, strip and terminate

PVC insulation

Available in lengths of 100 ft (30.5 m) and 1000 ft (305 m)


Product Applications


Hook up wire can be used for a broad range of applications, whether that be in a control cabinet, high-temperature oven, or in a specialised machine tool.


Alpha Wire’s FIT heat-shrink tubing and FIT wire management system can both be used with the Alpha Wire hook up wire range and are an ideal for solving many challenges in electrical and electronic wiring.



UL AWM 1015, 1028, 1230, 1231, 1232, 1283, 1284, UL MTW (22 to 1/0 AWG), UL THW (6 to 1/0 AWG), CSA AWM I A/B FT1 and TEW 105, UL VW-1

Ristlõike pindala: 2,1 mm²


Kiud: 41/0,25 mm

Isolatsioonimaterjal: PVC

Välisläbimõõt: 3,51 mm

Pingeklass: 600 V

Juhtme materjal: Tinatatud Vask

Juhtme stiil: UL1007

Maksimaalne töötemperatuur: +105°C

Minimaalne töötemperatuur: -20°C

Isolatsiooni seina paksus: 0,8 mm

Täidetud standardid: CA Prop 65, CSA AWM I A/B FT1 & TEW 105, CSA Certified, RoHS Compliant, UL AWM 1015 VW-1, UL MTW, UL Recognised

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