Assorted Clip On Cable Marker, Pre-printed with 0 to 9, Pack of 200
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HellermannTyton WIC Clip-on Markers


This range of clip-on cable markers have been designed for post termination cable marking and are a way of permanently and quickly marking cables,The unique gripping profile is designed to ensure that the clip remains in place under normal working conditions,The specially designed inter locking device ensures perfect alignment of markers,Colour: Black print on coloured markers (note: black marker has white print),Three sizes of markers are available for use with cable cross sections from 0.5mm² to 6mm² or an outside cable diameter from 2.0mm to 5.3mm,The markers are located on a dispenser that is colour coded (Red, Blue or Yellow) for the different sizes of markers ,The applicator tool (which can be used with all 3 sizes of markers) is easy to use and designed for use in confined spaces


Size Selection Guide

Size/ Dispenser Colour Cable Diameter Range (mm) Cross Sectional Area (mm2) awg
1 / Red 2.0 → 2.8 0.5 → 1.5 20 → 18
2 / Blue 2.8 → 3.8 1.5 → 2.5 16 → 14
3 / Yellow 4.3 → 5.3 4.0 → 6.0 10 → 8




Affixing Method

Clip On
  Colour Assorted
  Material Nylon 66
  Maximum Cable Diameter 2.8mm
  Minimum Cable Diameter 2mm
  Pre-printed 0 → 9
  Quantity 200
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