Raspberry Pi 7´´ puuteekraani korpus, must, sobib Raspberry Pi 4 B mudeliga
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Part nr: ASM-1900145-21
Tootekood: RS193-5380
Ribakood: 7141047217150
Tootja: OKDO
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Kaal: 0.13 kg
Saadavus: Laos
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OKdo Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Screen Case

From OKdo a freestanding Raspberry Pi case designed to house your Raspberry Pi 7” LCD touch screen along with your Raspberry Pi 4 board neatly behind it. This versatile Raspberry Pi case is suitable for use with the Raspberry Pi 4 .The enclosure consists of the main RPi LCD touch screen and board casing with a removable rear cover which simply snap together. The main enclosure is made from durable ABS and provides protection to both your RPi board and LCD as well as making the whole unit portable. Cut-outs in the Raspberry Pi case allow quick access to all the necessary connections and USB ports. The enclosure also creates an attractive bezel around the Raspberry Pi LCD display improving its appearance.

Rear Cover

The rear cover provides protection to the Raspberry Pi 4 board and other related components and simply snap fits to the main Raspberry Pi case moulding. The rear cover can be easily removed for access to the GPIO pins and other internal connections. If wall mounting of the Raspberry Pi case is required the back cover can be removed exposing two integrated wall mounting keyholes

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