Karp Raspberry Pi B+´le, Pi 2/3 B´le läbipaistev / RS Pro
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Part nr: ASM-1900036-01
Tootekood: 908-4218
Tootja: Raspberry Pi
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Raspberry Pi B+/ Pi 2 B Cases — 3 part assembly

Our protective cases fit both the Raspberry Pi B+ and Pi 2 B boards and are available in three colours — black, clear and white.

Features & Benefits of our Pi B+/Pi 2 B Cases
•Made of ABS plastic
•Plenty of ventilation
•Rubber feet to keep your case sturdy
•Cut-outs for all connections
•3 parts that easily clip together
•Space for expansion boards
•2 mounting points for Pi HD & Pi NoIR camera boards
•Slots under the top case that allow external ribbon-cable access to GPIO and camera/display headers

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