mikroBUS Shield adapterplaat mikromedia 2.8´´ displeile
Tootekood: MIKROE-1154
Ribakood: 8606015073859
Tootja: MikroElektronika
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mikroBUS shield is an extension board pin-compatible with all mikromedia boards, that features two mikroBUS host sockets which allow you to connect dozens of Click boards. With this feature, you can provide desired additional functionality to your mikromedia board. Prototyping breadboard area is also available for placing additional components and expanding the base functionality with custom features. Board comes with two 1x26 pin female sockets, as well as four 1x8 female sockets for mikroBUS host connectors.


Type Shield
Applications Shield provides the most convenient way for connecting Click additional boards with your mikromedia
Key Features Standard 2.54mm distance between connection pads in the breadboard area
Key Benefits Simple integration using provided male and female 1x26 connectors
Expandability Four 1x8 female sockets for mikroBUS host connectors, Two 1x26 pin headers (mikromedia pinout)
Integration Mounting holes
Input Voltage 3.3V or 5V
Compatibility mikromedia
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