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Tootekood: MIKROE-712
Ribakood: 8606015070247
Tootja: MikroElektronika
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Battery Boost shield is an extension board pin-compatible with all mikromedia boards from mikroElektronika that enables autonomous power supply using 2 x AAA batteries. Board features a compact monolithic integrated circuit MCP1640 that provides +4.0V power supply voltage. Module is a Step-up DC/DC Regulator with up to 96% Typical Efficiency. On-board prototyping aread can be used for placing additional components, thus adding new features to your favorite mikromedia board. Shield comes with two convenient 1x26 stacking headers.


Type Shield
Applications With battery boost shield, your mikromedia board gets the wings it deserves. Two AAA batteries are all it takes to bring mobility to your favorite multimedia board
On-board modules MCP1640 Step-up DC/DC Regulator. Two AAA 1,5V battery holders
Key Features Power jumper as an ON/OFF switch. Prototyping area can be used for placing additional components
Key Benefits Simple integration using provided male and female 1x26 connectors. Cost-effective solution that brings mobility and a stable power supply
Expandability Two 1x26 pin headers (mikromedia pinout)
Integration Mounting holes
Input Voltage 4.0V (for mikromedia boards), 3.3V over supply pads
Compatibility mikromedia
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