USB Wizard - 4-port USB Hub arendus/demo platvorm
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USB Wizard is an evaluation and demonstration platform featuring the USB4604 USB 2.0 4-Port hub controller. The board has four USB 2.0 downstream ports with individual port power control and overcurrent sense (OCS).

USB Wizard Board can be used as a standalone USB hub, or as an interface to mikroBUS™ socket.

What's on the board

See what the USB Wizard development board has to offer. A reset button and power indication LEDs, that you already got used to on all our other boards, and a mikroBUS™ socket - add any functionality, we have more than 300 click boards™ in our range.

On the bottom part of the board, you'll find 4 USB host ports. With the USB Wizard, you will no longer be running low on USB ports.

USB4604 controller features

The Microchip USB4604 is a low-power, OEM configurable, MTT (Multi-Transaction Translator) USB 2.0 hub controller with 4 downstream ports and advanced features for embedded USB applications.

The USB4604 provides an additional USB endpoint dedicated for use as a USB to I2C/SPI/UART interface, allowing external circuits or devices to be monitored, controlled, or configured via the USB interface.

What's in the package

The USB Wizard development board is powered directly from the wall power supply. The plug on the top left part of the board works on a 12V power supply.

You can check out our Wall Power Supply, with a 1.8m long cable that is included in the package.

The USB Wizard package contains a USB cable as well.

Microchip support

USB Wizard should be used with ProTouch 2 software. You can download the software from the following link.

You will find the complete user manual on how to use the ProTouch 2 software once you download and install it.

For technical support concerning the ProTouch 2 software, contact the Microchip Support team. You can also visit the Microchip forum, and join the discussions with the community.

Open up your possibilities

Did you know that we have more than 300 click boards™ in the shop?


The click board™ range is huge, and it's expanding every day. We have everything from temperature and humidity sensors, to motor control and wireless connectivity clicks. So, find the one you need, and utilize the mikroBUS™ socket on the USB Wizard.



Type USB
On-board modules USB4604 USB 2.0 4-port hub controller
Key Features Supports internal default hub configuration; optionally supports external configuration via I2C or SPI.
Key Benefits 4 USB host ports
Expandability mikroBUS™ socket
Input Voltage 12V
Compatibility mikroBUS
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