StartUSB AVR - stardiplatvorm AT90USB162 mikrokontrolleriga
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With StartUSB for AVR Board you can build lots of USB devices, and have fun along the way. Build your home-made USB flash stick, USB datalogger, or even USB MP3 player. Just place your additional components on the protyping areas, and it easily becomes a complete device. It can be used as a final product, as a standalone device. Board features AT90USB162 device with USB 2.0 support. On-board miniUSB connector, oscillator and reset circut, as well as power indicator LED provide all you need for quick start. All MCU pins are availabe through connection pads.

Programming. Board supports fast In-Serial USB Programming. Simply download Atmel Flip Bootloader software from the download link and follow operation instructions. Unless you need to use In-Circuit debugger, this is the best solution for fast and easy downloading of your new .HEX into the MCU. For more information on how to use the application, please read StartUSB for AVR User Manual. You can also program/debug your code using parallel programming interface.


Applications Build your home-made USB flash stick, USB datalogger, or even USB MP3 player
Architecture AVR (8-bit)
MCU speed 16 MHz
MCU Memory 16 kB of Flash
Programming Atmel Flip USB Bootloader
Key Benefits Two additional prototyping areas can be used to place additional components making the board a fully functional final device.
Input Voltage 5V (via USB)
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