Kellapatarei 1,5V LR44 Alkaline
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LR44, 1.5 V

Button cell Alkaline maximum


Our alkaline button cells offer an optimal size/performance ratio, high performance, and long battery life.The button cells are especially well suited for car remote controls, watches, etc.

  • high efficiency, for devices with high energy requirements
  • long lifetime for applications with constant and low energy consumption
  • up to 7 years shelf life without loss of performance, heat and cold resistant
  • contains no mercury and cadmium

Technical Data

  • Battery
  • rechargeable no
  • IEC-Name LR44
  • JIS-Name AG13
  • Storage ability 7 years
  • Technology Alkaline manganese battery
  • Voltage 1.5 V
  • General
  • Consumption Unit 1 x Blister
  • Height 5.4 mm
  • Diameter 11.5 mm
  • Weight 1.95 g
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